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Hi ^^ Welcome To Bunnilla Treats !
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Please do read up the shop FAQ & Terms/Conditions if you have any doubts.

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*Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss!*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

* Strawberry Shortcake *

Get yummy lip glosses for yourself or friends, family, colleagues ! Great as gifts !
All comes with packaging as shown.

All in stocks ! No pre-order required.

Strawberry Shortcake round tin lipgloss
$8.50 each mailed

Strawberry shortcake & friends set
Each set comes with 2 different strawberry shortcake flavoured lipgloss.
Share this with your sister or best friend !! ^^

Price: $16.00 each set mailed
NOW $14.90 only!

Set 1 Flavours: Strawberry & Raspberry Tart

Set 2 Flavours: Strawberry & Lemon Meringue

Set 1 Flavours: Strawberry & Blueberry Muffin

Registered mail is highly recommended !

Email bunnillatreats@gmail.com to order/purchase or
leave a tag with your email at the tagboard.

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8:08 PM

*Carebears series 2*

* Carebear Series *

Carebear series is back ! Now with new designs and flavours as well !
Great as gifts or for self as collection/usage! ^^
They give out nice fragrance and taste sweet !
All comes with packaging as shown.

All Instocks ! No pre-order required !

Heart Shaped tin lip gloss Design~ *lovely*

Price: $8.00 each Mailed
Bedtime bear heart-shaped tin
Flavour: Banana

Price: $8.00 each Mailed
Love-a-lot bear heart-shaped tin
Flavour: Lemonade

Bear-head shaped lipgloss comes with mirror inside! *cute*
So even if you finish the lipgloss, you can still use it as compact mirror ^^

Price: $13.50 each Mailed
NOW $11.90 only !!
Share Bear Mirror Compact lipgloss
Flavour: Raspberry

Price: $13.50 each Mailed
NOW $11.90 only !
Cheer Bear Mirror Compact lipgloss
Flavour: Strawberry

Price: $13.50 each Mailed
NOW $11.90 only!
Goodluck Bear Mirror Compact lipgloss
Flavour: Watermelon

Registered mail is highly recommended !

To order/purchase, email bunnillatreats@gmail.com or
leave a tag with your email at tagboard.

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7:24 PM

*HelloKitty LipGloss*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

* HelloKitty lipgloss*
Buy these cute mini lipglosses as part of your collection or buy them for your sisters, friends etc!
Stocks are limited!

All Instocks !
No need to pre-order !

Price: SGD $10.50 each mailed

Available in 2 colours:

Baby Pink
baby pink

Rose Red
rose red

To order/purchase, just email bunnillatreats@gmail.com or
leave a tag at tagboard with your email.

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5:43 PM

*Back + christmas promotions!*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

After a long hiatus, BunnillaTreats is BACK !... with christmas promotions for the products!

Check out the products on sale !

Just click here to view them!

You can just post your order there, items are all in stocks so theres no long waiting time ! =)
This christmas season, Individual lipsmackers without any packaging will be specially giftwrapped by BunnillaTreats for FREE!

Merry Christmas to all !


7:50 PM

*All orders on halt!*

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sorry for not updating for quite some time. ^^"

Bunnilla Treats is on hiatus, will not be taking any new orders for now. I will annonuce here if i'm taking orders again.

Thanks for your understanding!


12:04 AM

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